Garage for everyone


Here’s an idea that should appeal to apartment-dwelling motorcycle owners. The Privateer’s Garage in San Diego will offer fully-equipped, heated and lighted, snow-free garage space for people who want to work on their motorcycles but don’t have a garage.

The facility will be stocked with eight motorcycle stalls, two lifts, a tire changer and tire balancer, compressed air, a drill press, a full set of mechanics tools, and other gear.

It opens on March 6. Rates start at $20 an hour and annual or monthly memberships are available.

Of course, San Diego’s a bit of a ride just for an oil change, but if they can do it in California, can Toronto or Montreal be far behind? Uh …

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  1. Do bikes break down anymore?? Other than changing tires and oil, what do you do on a regular basis? Pay a shop $50 for a tire install and be done with it. 20+ years ago there were car repair places like that in TO. Gone now. If it was a profitable business, you’d see more of them around. A motorcycle repair shop may be less costly to run as you’d need a lot less space, but I can’t imagine enough do-it yourselfers around to pay for all that equipment. Plus the liability of letting average joes run around with power tools :grin

  2. [url=]Adrenalin Motorcycle Co-op[/url] in Victoria does this. They are a small shop, but are a bunch of great guys. The available shop space is limited to only a few bikes at a time, but it’s a great place to work on your bike and its handy to have a licenced wrench around for advice.

    (no, I don’t work there…)

  3. I have been asking around at shops if anyone in Toronto does this and have always received strange looks. It sure would be handy for me.

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