Canadian Thunder done


While I was at the recent Moncton Motorcycle Show I picked up some news from an "unnamed source" that Canadian Thunder (due to KTM and Ducati pulling out of the series) is indeed deader than a dead thing on a very dead day.

Well, on a national level anyway. Apparently the series will still be run with at least one regional series (R.A.C.E. in Ontario), which did not adopt the rules changes a couple of years ago allowing liquid-cooled bikes into the series, a rule that will remain unchanged.

However, the BMW HP2s and Buell 1125Rs will still be appearing on a national series, only as part of the 600 supersport class which will now change its name to something or other to reflect said changes.

As you may well be thinking, the BMWs and Buells will be far too heavy compared to the 600s, but then they do have a chunk more horsepower and torque which will give them an advantage at some tracks but not at others.

I’m guessing that this arrangement may well only be for a year or so as BMW will be playing with their new 1000 cc superbike for the next season and so will make running the HP2 in a national racing series somewhat obsolete.


  1. That is really disappointing. I could see something coming since the Thunder grid was pretty small to start with but I think this will just make both classes less relevant. It also rules out any amateurs that would have entered the Thunder class as well.

  2. So what we end up with is a version of AMA Formula Extreme or Daytona Superbike in 2009. I personally love the twins and am happy they have been included in the series. It also may mean we can get home from Mosport before dark with the advent of fewer races and red flag conditions.

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