H-D introduces Iron 883


Harley-Davidson has introduced a new Sporter, the Iron 883, which features blackened components, fork gaiters, drag-style handlebars, a staggered exhaust, side-mounted licence plate, and a one-piece seat.

The new Sportster is powered by the standard 883 cc V-Twin Evolution Sportster motor.

Seat height is only 643 mm (25.3 in) and a passenger seat and backrest can be added.

Judging by Deeley Harley-Davidson’s press announcement, Joseph Conrad himself might have ridden the Iron 883, if he’d had the chance: "The black powder-coated 883 cc Evolution powertrain with black covers takes the Iron 883 bike deep into the heart of darkness. With Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and performance tuning with a flat torque curve, the Iron 883 delivers plenty of power for the city scene. From the pipes on the straight cut shorty dual exhaust flows the distinctive American V-Twin sound. A ticket to ride the Iron 883 starts at just $9,569 Canadian MSRP, leaving plenty of freedom for customization."

The new Sportster will be on view at the Quebec City, Moncton, and Montreal MMIC motorcycle shows.


  1. Very good points. I’m not positive about the latest generation Sporty Engine, but the Evo Sportsters were very easily and economically upgraded to 1200 cc. Just a bore and a set of pistons to get you what was the fastest HD Bike any size (prerevolution)

    Also TK4 – Very good point about the stock pipes. I would think a set of black Screaming Eagle mufflers and a black wrap on the exhaust would be the reasonable way to complete the look.

  2. I like it, but then I’ve always been a sucker for minimalist Sportsters.
    One nit-pick, the header pipes and mufflers should be black too.
    Are you listening Motor Corp?

  3. I really like the Sportster line and love all the blacked out Harleys, period. The only problem (yes, there is a problem) is that the engines need to offer real ‘sport’ performance. Not talking about 600 sportbike territory but a little more get up and go so Reflex 250’s don’t make you nervous at every light! :roll

    Or make a turbocharger standard on the blacked out models so we can do more than pose.

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