Some pricing in, some bikes out


DN-01 price is set.

Honda have announced that they DN01 scooter/bike thingy will be priced at $17,499.00.

We also heard from Triumph Canada who have set a price for the Street Triple R of $10,499.00 and $10,799.00 for the revamped Daytona 675.

And KTM have just told us that they will not be bringing in the RC8R and the 2009 Superduke after all, although no explanation was offered. We’ll update when we know more.



  1. Irode the DN-01 this past summer in England. It looks a little odd however it handled nicely and had adequate power. The tranny shifted flawlessly and the ABS was god sent. I almost snuffed my self out on a downpour by striking a cow if it wasn’t for the ABS.
    Yeah $17K plus GST is rather steep!

  2. Silverwing is approx $10,500 but since they are a bit pricey / different, you can find the odd leftover and get a good price. I got a left over ’05 (new with full warranty) last spring for $6000 plus tax/shipping. :grin Best $ I ever spent.

  3. Geez, I thought that the Silverwing was a bit pricey. I hope that Honda isn’t expecting to sell a lot of DN-01s. Right product at the right time with the wrong price tag.

  4. Yes, David was too subtle and I was in too much of a hurry – not all of us have time to slowly read forums (and the Unword Dictionary)!

  5. Sarchasm noun – The linguistic gap between the the author of sarcastic wit and the reader who doesn’t get it.

    ex. The discourse between David and Morgan was made memorable by its sarchasm.

  6. [b]Is it just me or is this bike/scooter/abomination butt ugly?
    It looks just about as comfortable to ride as my porceline throne!!

    Just my 2 cents!
    PS: 17k?????? Are they smoking sushi over in Japan?[/b]

  7. David, I love the technology and styling is, I guess, up to the individual but did you notice that the States are in desperate financial shape and we just entered a recession? Right time? Not really.

  8. Honda could/should call it the ‘Atlantic Coast’ seeing as the other ocean was already used to name the last ground breaking sales success autocycle-type thingy in the 80’s.

  9. $17,499.00. seems like the right price for this technological tour de force.Honda picked the right time to release it,with the economy being red hot right now and people having money to burn.

  10. Is Honda Canada insane? :eek 17 large for that hybrid scooter/motorcycle!! :roll My Silverwing is light years ahead of it from a styling and practicality perspective without even touching the price issue. Guess they needed an out when they only sold one for the museum of transportation oddities.

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