Bill 117 – what's next?


MPP Jaczek came up with Bill 117.

With Bill 117 passing its second reading last Friday we thought we’d prod around and see what options are still available to us to try and prevent this malicious private members bill from ever becoming law.

The motorcycle industry body (MMIC) have indicated that they
will be distributing petitions around all the member manufacturer
booths at the upcoming TMS for the public to sign. The completed petitions will be supplied to the MPPs that
can use it most effectively (likely opposition), and so we thoroughly recommend that if
you’re going to the show, that you take time to add your signature.

The MMIC will also be supplying pre-printed postcards opposing Bill 117 that you
can pick up, fill in and send to Queens Park to further show your
opposition to this bill. We’ll try and get a copy of the petition and some cards for signing/distribution at the CMG Pub Night this Friday.

If you want a copy of the petition or some of the cards yourself, please contact Jo-Anne Farquhar at the MMIC.

And finally, so the bill has passed it’s second reading. What does this actually mean and what’s going to happen next? To find out we asked CMG’s legal mind Matt McGarvey for his take on the process:

It has been referred, after passing second reading, to the Standing Committee on Justice matters.  This committee can entertain submissions and testimony from interested parties; really, this is the stage to propose amendments and make submissions. 

Here is a decent flow-chart for how it works on private members’ bills concerning public matters (the bill is just about to enter the Standing Committee stage):

Next stage after committee consideration is third reading (with a vote), and once that is passed, Royal Assent by the Lieutenant-Governor.



  1. I posted my letter to my MPP in one of the soapbox threads. After the second reading of the bill, I read the debate on the website and forwarded my letter to the MPPs that opposed the bill. Since my MPP is a liberal, I thought it might help provide some ammunition to send it to conservative and ndp members.
    Mine also went to the minister of transportation and the premier. Maybe after admitting to “overstepping” on another HTA matter, they’ll pay a little more attention to all of this feedback.

  2. Several motorcycle organizations have protested this bill, MCC,MMIC,CVMG,even CMA! Many people have written to their MPP’s or to Helena Jaczek the bill’s author. I wrote to the Minister of Transport, and got a reply! Also spoke tonight with my local Liberal MPP who voted against it and feels the bill will not survive past the Christmas break at the legislature. But just in case keep those letters of protest coming.

  3. Great, democracy for sheep. If anything, motorcyclists in Canada need to stand up and say something, anything. Otherwise this idiotic brain fart along with the two up law for motorcyclists in the 404 HOV lanes will go into law.

    The nanny state commences.

  4. You mix us Canadians – maybe the most passive people anywhere – with motorcyclists – maybe the worst represented group anywhere – and you end up with this abhorable lack of respect. Where’s our moto scribes on this too? Look at what the youth just did with facebook to get car passenger laws repelled (and great for them!), and Lord knows they don’t have the arguments we have. We all say we’re busy – hell I’m flying out again twice this week – yet I found the time to contact both my MPP and this idiot Liberal who tabled this legislation.

    The whole think is frankly sad…

  5. The word on the street is….well, there is no word on the street. Every person I’ve mentioned this law to, had not heard of it. Unlike the teenage driver/passenger law, there has been nothing on TV. The MMIC, BRO, & other MC groups need to open up their war chests, & inform the riding public, via TV, radio, & newspaper ads, & stories.

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