Hybrid MP3 announced


MP3 Hybrid with a plug

Piaggio is getting set to introduce an MP3 Hybrid three-wheeler, based on a 125 cc motor and electric motor combination.

The MP3 Hybrid, unveiled at the Milan Motorcycle Show, should achieve a fuel efficiency of about 60 km per litre and will be able to use both powerplants at the same time for better performance.

The Hybrid’s battery pack can be recharged two ways: at ordinary electrical outlets, and by using the kinetic energy of the scooter. The vehicle will run in four modes: electric only, and combined for best performance, best economy, or best battery recharge rate.

In other respects the Hybrid MP3 resembles the gas-powered MP3, which uses independent front suspension to enable motorcycle-like lean angles from its two front wheels.

No word, just yet, on Canadian availability.


  1. I don’t care if the new stuff runs on bat dung, as long as more people get out there on 2 (and 3) wheels. Makes it safer for us to have less cars and trucks.

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