Brough bought by Brit


Legend on a legend: Lawrence astride the Brough

A legendary British motorcycle name may be given new life.

The Brough Superior Engineering company has been bought by Netherton Industries in Britain. The new owner intends to “preserve, protect, and promote the prestige and momentum” of the Brough Superior name.

The company had previously obtained Brough Superior Motorcycles Limited.

The deal was initiated by Englishman Mark Upham, manager of British Only Austria GmbH, which sells rare British motorcycles. Upham was appointed CEO of the Brough Superior operation.

Brough Superior motorcycles were manufactured form 1919 to 1940 in Nottingham and were considered among the finest available. Fit and finish was said to be comparable to the Rolls-Royce cars, and the bikes were tested at speeds up to 100 mph before delivery to the customer. Lawrence of Arabia rode and died on a Brough Superior.

The new owners have not yet produced a mission statement, so future intentions are unclear.


  1. So how does one pronounce “Brough”, anyway? Does it rhyme with “tough” or “cough” or “bough” or “though”, or maybe “through”? Frickin’ English language – it’s a wonder anyone can read or write it

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