Hockey player motorcycle death

lucbourdon__opt.jpgVancouver Canucks defenceman Luc Bourdon was killed yesterday when his motorcycle collided head on with a tractor-trailer just outside his hometown of Shippagan in New Brunswick.

Bourdon had apparently just brought the motorcycle two days earlier. He was 21.

There are no other details on the accident to date and the police have yet to determine fault. Sadly, the fact that Bourdon was riding a bike is being cited as an issue in much of the press coverage (though no-one blames cars under similar circumstances). 


  1. Sadly, the cause seems to be inexperience and poor judgement. CBC reports he tried to pass another truck on a curve. Maybe the “powerful” sportbike gave him the false sense that he could make it. If nothing else, maybe it’ll be a catalyst for improvements in rider/driver training.

  2. Very few details and no conclusions on cause of accident released so far. Inexperience mentionned as possible factor…he had taken the NB Motorcycle Safety Course and had his licence for 2 weeks. It was raining and their were high wind gusts when it happened. Police mentionned the tractor trailer driver did everything possible to avoid the head on collision. No other details so far. A terrible tragedy! 🙁

  3. I don’t think the issue is whether or not the motorcycle was at fault…the issue is whether Luc was or the driver of the tractor trailer was. As it states in the article, he had just bought the bike two days prior so mechanical failure is unlikely. Either was it’s always sad to see someone pass…especially so young and so sudden. My condolonces go out to the family…

  4. Had the bike for two days, huh? Did he have a valid M/C license? ANy formal training on how to ridr, counter-steer, threshhold brake, collision avoidance, or even look where you want to go? Somehow I don’t think it’s entirely the fault of the motorcycle…..

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