Catwoman runover by motorcycle


Nigerian superstitions can lead to some messed upness.

Strange things seem to happen in Port Harcourt in Nigeria. According to the Nigerian Tribune (so it must be true) three cats were running across a busy road when one of them was struck by a motorcycle (ah, there’s our motorcycle content). Upon being struck, instead of being one dead cat it immediately turned into a middle aged woman!

This attracted the attention of a mob who did the only logical thing – kill the cats. One cat managed to escape but the other was beaten to death (but stayed cat-like in corpse-mode), then the mob turned on the cat-woman.

Sources at the scene are reported to have said that Ms. Cat-Woman had confessed that the cats were on a mission to kill three people. They’d managed to do two in but the third had alluded them so they decided to call it a day, but then chose the wrong place to cross the road.  


Ironically, just half a mile down the street was a safe crossing point …

Upon realizing that the gathering mob might do unto her as they had to her feline friend "she pretended that she did not know what had happened," according to another witness. Cunning creatures these cat-women. Lucky for her, police arrived at the scene just in the nick of time.

The Public Relations Officer of the Rivers State
police command, Mrs. Rita Inoma-Abbey, said
“She has been taken to Teme Clinic. Police will still be guarding her so that she will not disappear.”  She went on to say that although they had located a supply of Whiskas, they were still trying to find an extra large kitty litter.

No they didn’t, we added that piece. Sorry, that was just silly.

More info can be found at the Nigerian Tribune.

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