Short bike made in Canada

Who makes the best inventions? No, it’s not the Brits with their “Beatles.” It’s not the U.S.A. with … well, everything else. Nope — it’s the Canucks!

That’s right, and 18-year-old Benjamin J. Poss Gulak, a T.O. resident no less, has proved it with a two-wheeled motorcycle.

Already done, you say?

Sure, but with a wheelbase of zero? The Uno mounts its wheels side-by-each to make a Segway-like motorcycle. And like the Segway, the Uno is motivated by leaning.

Leaning forward produces forward thrust, leaning backwards results in reverse thrust.

It’s powered by an electric motor, clothed in adapted Yamaha R1 bodywork, and stabilized by two gyros, one for each axis of movement.

Just think about the wheelie possibilities — don’t bump your head! To see more, visit


  1. Interesting, but what makes it better than a conventional bike? A “revolution in transportation” would seem to require a very compelling advantage.

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