"More Features"

sm_logo_cmg_white.jpgEh? Well you may have noticed that under the two latest features on
the CMG homepage is a new link called "More Features". Click on it and
you’ll be magically transported to several pages of CMG features since
we changed to a Content Item Manager system last November.

has it taken so long you may ask? Good question, and for that we have
no answer. We also have no answer as to why Editor ‘arris – who was
given the relatively simple job of reworking the old CMG archives into
the new system – has yet to post anything.

Rumour has it that
he’s in England getting drunk with old friends in Yorkshire pubs, so
you may have to wait for a sober moment and a good Internet connection
to read any feature posted before November 2007 …


  1. Brad, can you contact us directly over [url=http://cmgonline.com/contact-us/General-Inquiries]here[/url]? We’d like to know what versions of browser and OS you are running as well as screen resolution. Thanks!

  2. Since you went to the new format, I can’t access the features. My browser goes to the ad page, but won’t allow me to find and click on the further link. I’ve tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It also happens occasionally on the news items, but if I click on the text rather than the link, it goes straight to the article. Defeated by technology again.

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