Diesel shelved for terror


The civilian targeted Bulldog uses the new ’08 KLR650 chassis.

The U.S. company that plans to sell diesel-powered motorcycles has been diverted from their true calling by the so-called war on terror.

Hayes Diversified Technologies makes diesel-engined motorcycles for the military, and has gotten so busy doing it that a commercial market diesel-bike, the Bulldog, has been temporarily shelved — until those fun-spoiling terrorist are defeated, presumably.

HDT USA makes gas and diesel powered bikes, some of them based on Kawasaki’s KLR 650, but has also strayed into more entertaining fields — they built a pretty fast turbo-diesel model for the Bonneville salt flats last year, for example.

See www.hdtusa.com for their full story.


  1. Are they using Bio-Diesel yet???

    Riding in the dirt, with the smell of Fries wafting everywhere you go…

    You could guarantee a win in any competition, everyone else would be thinking about how badly they want french fries.

  2. Because the “war on terror” is like the “war on drugs”. Neither exist.

    One day people will wake up. One day.

    Sucks that lies take away great motorbikes from civilians.

  3. Agree with the sentiment – those HDT diesels are fascinating bikes – while I disagree with the politics. Yup, War on Terror is a stupid term but its the result of the current climate of hyper-sensitive political correctness.

    Still want my mil-spec Bulldog though! :sigh

  4. Just a guess, war on terror is a stupid term, if I say boo, am I inciting terror? :cry I think its terrorists they are after, not fear itself.. this is a Canadian mag, we saw through to the fact that 911 was Saudi Arabian based and those guys went hiding in afganistan, right where Canadian troops are, nothing to do with Iraq. I agree with the author, all the mindless killing, lies and money squandering are one thing, but take away a very cool motorcycle and this war has gone too far….. I’m gonna get a bumper sticker………. 🙁

  5. Here’s an idea, let’s keep the political commentary to the appropriately named Soapbox.

    And as to the company’s “true calling”, the article clearly states the company’s core business has been, and continues to be with the military markets.

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