Quebec Trans Minister caught speeding


Julie Boulet likes to dream fast!

After introducing a bill to increase penalties and introduce photo radar to catch speeders, Quebec Transport Minister, Julie Boulet, was caught in a car that was repeatedly breaking the speed limit.

Okay, so a chauffeur was driving her around but she even went so far as to claim that she’d actually been asleep in the back and was unaware of the turn down Intheshit Street by her driver.

Asleep … while driving through Montreal … reportedly doing up to 132 km/h? Sadly the car was being tracked by a reporter and not a police officer …


  1. I think she should be reported to CrimeStoppers & Neighborhood Watch as she is the licensed vehicle owner, I assume. I really believe the new speeding laws are just unwarranted/unjustifiable cash grabs & a power trip. I can only assume the reason for this inane law is a deficit in the revenue being generated from traffic tickets & speeding. Toronto’s Fantino wished for 30 km/h instead of 50 km/h! Let’s clog the highways doing the speed limit! The closer to Ottawa the better!

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