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Quantya FMX motocrosser

You’d hit pretty close to the marque if
you called this one "the Swiss watch of motorcycling," and their
U.S. importer plans to sell it in Canada, too.

The Quantya FMX is powered by a DC motor
producing a peak 14 kW or 19 hp. The bike weighs 195 lb and has a
25-mile range at a max speed of 40 mph. Marzocchi forks contribute to motocross authenticity.

The US importer bills Quantya as "Swiss
Electric Movement" on their website. According to a company press
release, "Quantya electric motorcycles are manufactured in the
idyllic Swiss city of Lugano where serenity and technology have
morphed to deliver the world’s sturdiest and technically advance
dirt bike." Umh, yeah … okay.

It will sell for U.S. $9,975, but if you want one, you’ll have
to order it through the American subsidiary, Quantya USA, although the
company says they are considering a Canadian branch due to a strong
showing of interest from Canada.

See the Swiss movement at www.quantya.us.


Zero X from California

The FMX is not the only electric motocrosser on the market. A while ago, we told you about the Zero X model, a 20 hp electric crosser from Scotts Valley, California. That bike sells for $7,450 U.S., and the company is working on a street-legal model with suspension, wheels, and tires for steet use, and a price of $7,950.

See www.zeromotorcycles.com.

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