US aims at motorcycle safety


DOT boss is a motorcyclist.

The U.S. Transportation Department is
mounting a campaign to reduce motorcycle fatalities, and it’s about
time – nearly 5,000 motorcyclists were killed on American roads in 2006,
doubling the number in 10 years.

Thankfully, the safety campaign looks like a serious attempt to educate the American motorcyclist. That’s partly because Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is a motorcyclist and one who survived a crash two years ago.

Peters returned to the site to film a PSA video urging riders to get smart. "Check your bike before each ride, wear all your safety equipment, and ride with others so you’re more visible," she says.


Posters promote safer attitude.

The campaign is more than that, though. Peters’ "Action Plan" includes measures to attack the problem on a range of fronts, including new-rider training, use of helmets, and a reduction in drinking-and-riding.

A major study of motorcycle crashes will also be conducted.

To see the PSA or to read the Action Plan and other materials, go to


  1. Sounds good… now lets also educate those who do not ride. Those that pull out in front of us,, those that do not see us,, those that do not care about us… lets educate those that cannont read english and are in our country illegally. Put up signs to watch out for motorcycles just like road signs for pedestrians, falling rock, cattle, deer, illegals crossing the highway (California) and all the other hazards on the road. Put up billboards about watching out for those of us who ride. Public education of those who don’t ride and hit us!! Don’t just blame the riders.
    thank you

  2. Finally there is someone in government that understands that motorcycle safety is not just about helmets. Now perhaps we can start getting some real programs in place to save lives then this nonsense about forcing riders to wear helmets.

    Chuck Butler
    Arlington ABATE Texas

  3. Some worthwhile comments from Secretary Peters; most are common sense. Interesting that she encourages riders to wear safety gear, then straps on an open face helmet. For someone who has hit the pavement and is trying to reduce injuries to motorcyclist, one would think she would modify her choice of safety gear from what meets the legal standard to what provides the best protection. Just my observations.

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