Ontario to ban dirt bikes on road


Just dual sport bikes for dirt and road then?

The Ontario Transport Ministry will no longer permit off-road motorcycles to be modified for on-road use. A memo to licence issuing offices, dated Oct. 5, 2007, states that while “current registration policy permits registrants to modify off-road vehicles for on-road use,” the policy is only to be used for “the purpose of correcting a registration error.”

In other words, trail bikes can no longer be modified in Ontario for road use so that riders can ride from one trail area to another along public roads.

The Ontario Federation of Trail Riders has written to the Transport Ministry about the matter. “We do not understand why the off road motorcyclist community has been targeted by the MTO since there are no outstanding safety concerns regarding our sport,” the letter says in part.

See the OFTR’s website for copies of the memo and their letter: www.oftr.ca


    • agree i have a 77 yz 400 with ownership marked off road use it was also sold for road use as the it400 but you could order the light kit from Yamaha that would turn the yz into a it now thats bs and for some looking for lost or missing titles theres fees upon fees tp find out in the end no go it seems there making it harder n harder to have anything moto or fuel powered at all so sad i bet the guy who wrote this bill drives a ebike to work lol

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