Toronto taxes motorcycles


"It’s good for the city, Ethel!”

Toronto city council has passed a bylaw that will impose a $30 tax on motorcycle owners in the city. Car owners are hit twice as hard with a $60 tax.

The money is aimed for use on roads and transit, but other recent tax hikes in Toronto are aimed at covering the city’s $400-plus million deficit, so motorcycle owners should not be surprised if their 30 bucks doesn’t get shovelled into potholes.

On the other hand, the city hasn’t repealed its free-parking rule, so T.O. is still regarded as a motorcycle-friendly city.

The law comes into effect next fall.


  1. Toll-booths at the borders I say! Toronto should be taxing all those commuters that pound the city’s streets everyday in quest of their weekly pay cheque. All that money goes back to Missipickabarrie, or wherever they came from, and I’m the one left to foot the bill for the wear and tear they place on our roads.

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