Eat food, hang out with Francis Martin, win a bike … get in for free?

cmhf-logo_md.gifGet a dinner, hang out with a Canadian racer and maybe even win a bike – that’s on the menu at the 2007 Hall of Fame induction banquet on Oct. 27.

Suzuki Canada will be bringing Francis Martin to the event and Honda Canada has donated a new CBR 125 to be awarded as a door prize for the occasion – to be drawn from the tickets of all who attend.

There’s also a full set or riding gear to be sold by silent auction and you get to meet all the inductees to boot! The induction dinner and party will be held at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel.

Want tickets? Here you go:

Or you could go for free as a CMG reporter on the event. Yes, there may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free dinner*. Just send us an email to editor at cmg online dot com with a single paragraph on why you should represent CMG, and you too could be riding the gravy train** of motorcycle journalism!

* Okay, you have to find your own way there and back and we’re not going to pay you anything for your story or pictures on the event, so technically you could say there’s no such thing as a free dinner either.

** Gravy train may not be as expected. CMG accepts no responsibility for shattered dreams of what you thought it might be like to be a moto-journalist.


  1. Hmhh, after much conferring with several technical wizards, we’ve come to the conclusion that this article is technically cursed.

    Please try sending that email to editor at cmg online dot com instead.

    Sorry for the curses.

  2. For what it’s worth, my emails are being kicked back too with the exact same message. Sorry Chris, didn’t want you to think you’re the only freeloader trying to land this job!

  3. Tried sending a msg for the CMG rep position, but keep getting:

    user does not exist, but will deliver to
    user is over quota

    Just thought I’d let you know

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