Three motorcycle recalls this week – the BMW G650s, Ducati 1098 and Ducati Hypermotard.

Company: BMW.
Models involved: 2007 BMW G650X Challenge, G650X Country, G650X Moto
Problem: On certain models a lhs final drive chain tensioner has been fitted on the rhs. A hex nut that secures said tensioner does not seat properly.
Consequence: Tensioner (and therefore the rear wheel) could loosen off and everything could go wobbly.
Fix: Return to dealer who will fit correct tensioner.
Recall Number: 2007323

Company: Ducati
Models involved: 2007 1098
Problem: On some models the ECU’s ignition timing and idle mixture were improperly set allowing the engine speed to drop and even stall whenever the cooling system exceeds 180F.
Consequence: Engine cutting out could cause a crash.
Fix: Return to dealer who will update the ECU software.
Recall Number: 2007326

Company: Ducati
Models involved: 2008 Hypermotard 1100
Problem: Battery is a bit slack within its housing allowing movement. This could cause wiring harness/battery damage and result in battery disconnection.
Consequence: Engine could stall out which could cause a crash
Fix: Dealer will install additional bracket and Velcro straps to secure battery
Recall Number: 2007327

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