Triumph announces specs for two new Rocket 3 models

Triumph has officially announced details for two new Rocket 3 models, coming in 2020.

We’d already seen hints about the updated Rocket platform, but here’s the official line for the Rocket 3 R and the Rocket 3 GT.

Both bikes will have a DOHC liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine like the outgoing model, but with a displacement bump to 2,458 cc. More displacement equals more power, and the new bikes both make 165 hp at 6,000 rpm, and 163 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. The engine has a six-speed gearbox, and shaft drive.

The Rocket 3 GT is intended for longer-haul riding, although it’s no Gold Wing, obviously.

Both machines are musclebikes, although the GT is allegedly intended for longer-distance rides, with cushier seats, higher handlebar, a windscreen intended to cut more airflow (it’s still pretty small), and forward-mount pegs which are supposed to be more comfortable over the long haul (despite that idea not necessarily working in the real world). More touring-friendly accessories (20L semi-hard bags, nav system, tailbag, tankbag, etc.) are available for either model.

The R comes with a lower-mounted drag-style bar, mid-controls, and a more sporty seat.

Both bikes have fully-adjustable Showa suspension all-round, with 47 mm forks and offset rear shock. Brakes are upgraded to new Brembo units, with four-piston Stylema monobloc calipers up front with 320 mm discs. Cornering ABS is standard, too. The rear brake has a four-piston caliper and 300 mm disc.

The Rocket 3 R is intended for more localized riding.

Both bikes are lighter than the outgoing model, with a 291 kg dry weight for the R and 294 kg for the GT. Fuel capacity is 18 litres. The front wheel is a 17-incher, with 16-inch wheel in back.

Electro-trickery abounds on the new models, with an IMU (sourced from Continental) that allows for switchable traction control, as well as  different riding modes (Rain, Road, Sport, and a customisable Rider mode). There’s a new TFT dash, which can also be personalized. An up/down quickshifter is available as an option.

We’d certainly expect the new Rocket 3 range in Canada next year, although we haven’t seen a price tag for these bikes yet.

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