Harley-Davidson recall

Recall #: 2018127
Models Involved: Harley-Davidson Detachables Saddlebags
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: Certain Harley-Davidson Detachables Saddlebags, sold as accessories through Harley-Davidson dealerships, may contain a defect. The saddlebag wall thickness may be inadequate, causing improper latching. The saddlebag latching arm may disengage, potentially allowing the saddlebag to separate from the motorcycle while riding. Affected saddlebags have part numbers 90201561, 90201645, 90501552, 90201644, 90201555 and 90201513, and they fit 2018 Softail models.
Correction: Dealers will install a kit onto the affected saddlebags that prevents the arm from unlatching inadvertently.

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