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Does this video tease new Triumph Speed Triple?

This YouTube clip from Triumph’s official channel is, at first glance, a teaser for a stunt showdown between roadracers Carl Fogerty and Dan Johnson. But is there something else going on here, too?

A close look at the Triumph Speed Triple shown in the video seems to indicate this is very similar to the current Speed Triple model, but definitely not identical. The frame and engine externals seem to be the same, but there’s a TFT dash instead of the current Speed Triple gauges. It also looks like the wheels have been changed around, and the suspension might have seen some tinkering as well.

Judging from that, this looks like a refreshed Speed Triple is about to debut, with minor changes to the platform, probably including some engine upgrades to meet European emissions standards. Or maybe it’s just a weird one-off bike built for a stunt show? Possible, but unlikely …

Whatever it is, we’ll know on January 29 (next Monday).

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