Touratech-AG restructures finances, gains new funding

According to reports of out Europe, aftermarket manufacturer/distributor/retailer Touratech-AG has a financial plan in place to allow a reboot of the business in 2018.

Last summer, Touratech-AG (the Germany-based arm Touratech, where the brand got its start) announced it was seeking bankruptcy protection. The company was already in the middle of some restructuring, and although sales were said to be growing, there was gossip that the changeover to a new business model had cost a lot of cash, requiring the move to bankruptcy protection.

Whether that’s true or not is hard to say, but despite the declarations from Touratech’s international subsidiaries that it would be business as usual in their individual markets, bankruptcy for Touratech-AG would likely have been bad news in the long term for all of them.

But now, Touratech-AG says it has a deal in place that brings in funding from German investors Happich GmbH, as well as a financial restructuring plan that takes effect in January. After that, business is supposed to keep on as usual, with most of the same workers on staff.

One thought on “Touratech-AG restructures finances, gains new funding”

  1. Triumph Motorcycles used a sales promotion last year to add panniers/top case/hardware for new bike purchases, but the luggage is now not available. The dealer says that Touratech is supposed to be the manufacturer and that the items are not currently available to fulfill their sales contracts. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

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