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Homeowner vs. bike thieves vs. nunchuks

Aaaaaand here’s another video clip that makes us miss the days of Friday Fudge, when we used to run stuff like this regularly.

It starts out like something out of a Bruce Lee movie (but sadly missing Bolo Yeung). A homeowner, spotting some crooks about to steal his bike, rushes out to confront them with a pair of nunchuks, like a hero in a proper kung-fu exploitation movie from the 1970s. Righteous!

Alas, he’s quickly stripped of his weapon, and forced to backpedal as one of the bike thieves chases him around, flailing madly. It all works out in the end, as a neighbour comes to his aid.

One thought on “Homeowner vs. bike thieves vs. nunchuks”

  1. As far as I can tell, the would-be thief with the helmet always has the nunchaku.

    And you have to be quite the loser to lose a fight when you have the nunchaku AND a helmet.

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