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Yamaha to launch another touring bike

Yamaha is planning to unveil another new touring bike in the near future.

Earlier this spring, Yamaha kickstarted a new series of touring bikes with the Star Venture, a heavy-duty V-twin tourer that came as a bit of a surprise. There was gossip of another new touring bike to come, but nothing too serious.

Now, Yamaha says it will indeed unveil a new touring bike next week. Details are scarce, but a Yamaha bigwig says it will be a luxury model. That’s all we know, beside what little information is in the video above.

A lot of Yamaha fans will be hoping that this time, we get the full-on touring version of the FJ-09 platform. Frankly, that’s not likely. We’re far more likely to see something else in the mold of the Star Venture: big, loaded with features, and pricey, seeing Yamaha’s already attached the “luxury” tag to the bike.

Hopefully it will come in at a lower price than the Star Venture, which has a $31,999 price tag in Canada at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Yamaha to launch another touring bike”

  1. Press release-

    Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, announced a production delay for the 2018 Star Venture transcontinental touring motorcycle. This delay will result in delivery of the new model to dealerships and customers in the latter half of December

    “The excitement and reception of the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture exceeded all of our initial expectations,” said Mike Doughty, general manager of Yamaha’s Motorcycle Group. “This production delay is a very unfortunate situation, but we stand by our commitment to the quality of our motorcycles, and the highest level of customer service for both our customers and our dealers.”

  2. Still waiting for the big one, the new FJ 10 or TRACER GT or whatever they decide to call it.

    Getting tired of waiting though, if YAMAHA doesn’t come true this year (MILAN???) i am getting something else, possibly a KTM super DUKE GT.

  3. Either a bagger version of the tc or an update to the vstar 1300. At least these drawn out release dates add meaning to my life.

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