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Carl Reese breaks 24-hr motorcycle distance record

Just as he planned, Carl Reese broke the 24-hour motorcycle distance record last month, and he didn’t leave any doubt as to his capabilities.

Not only did he smash the record by 93 miles, Reese actually had to end the attempt early, after burning through two front tires and four rear tires before his 24 hours were up. His new record of 2119 miles was actually set in 22 hours and 52 minutes.

Had he had more tires, Reese could conceivably made much more distance, as the rough surface of the track he was using (a Continental tire testing facility) required him to limit speed, after he wore down his first tire after only 500 miles.

Reese used a BMW K1600 to set the record, which he rode home after a few hours’ sleep. He adds the 24-hour record to an already impressive list of records, including a cross-continental motorcycle speed record.

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    1. I was too busy trying to avoid wild pigs, rabbits, raccoon, and bobcats. I did try to listen to some music around the 20 hour mark. It wasn’t doing any good to keep me awake, so I turned it back off.

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