Cross-continental recordholder sets sights on new long distance ride

Just over a year ago, we told you about Carl Reese’s mad cross-continental cannonball ride. Now, he’s setting his sights on a new record.

Reese’s 2016 record saw him crossing the US in 38 hours, 49 minutes on a BMW K1600 GT. The previous record for the Los Angeles-New York City run was was 42 hours, set by George Egloff in 1983.

This time around, Reese is aiming at a record off public roads. He’s trying to break the previous 24-hour motorcycle distance record, but he’s doing in on a banked oval track. Currently, South African Matthew McKelvey holds the record of 3,256.5 km over 24 hours. Reese hasn’t stated just how far he expects to ride, but obviously, he wants to top that number when he sets out on February 25.

Will he pull it off? Reese has certainly set a pattern of blowing up long-distance records, on four wheels and two. Apparently, he plans to wear a catheter to make this stunt work, and eat while riding (no word on whether he’ll sleep while riding too). On Feb. 25, you should be able to follow along on his website to see if it actually all comes together.


  1. the “moving average” must be well above triple digits to make up for the time fueling the bike and changing tires. Reese does this records to bring awareness to a veterans charity called “Motorcycle Relief Project” a 501.3 c that helps vets with PTSD and other injuries.
    Check out some of his other records on Youtube…..not boring I can assure you.

    Good luck Carl !!

    • Bob, not trying to rain on Carl’s parade. The fact that he does these record setting rides to bring awareness to a veterans charity is admirable.
      I watched the video you attached and agree that a cross country, on public roads, distance ride would most definitely be exciting to participate in and even watching it would be fun. But, what he is doing this time is a distance record on a banked oval track. Kind of like watching a Nascar race with one car, not very exciting to watch or participate IMO.
      I wish him the best in his record attempt though.

  2. If I understand this gentlemans record attempt correctly, he has to maintain an average speed of approx. 140 km/hr for 24 hours on an oval track. Seems a tad boring to me, but to each their own.

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