The Indian FTR750 factory flat track racer is now officially for sale

The Indian FTR750 flat tracker is now for sale, if you’ve got the money.

Indian announced its plans for a factory flat track effort last spring, and debuted its bike at Sturgis last year. The FTR750 is powered by a liquid-cooled 750 cc V-twin engine, purpose-built for this application. The steel frame and carbon-fibre bodywork are also unique to the FTR750; there’s an emphasis on performance, not parts bin recycling.

However, all those unique parts means the price tag is fairly high. The FTR750 will cost US buyers $50,000; this isn’t a cheap hooligan bike for the masses. Serious racers will likely be interested, but for now, there has been no announcement of a street-legal version. This machine is aimed at flat track use only, and you’ve got to pay to play. No doubt first-time flat trackers will likely go the affordable route of converting a dirt bike before moving up to an expensive machine like this.

For comparison’s sake, note the made-in-Italy Zaeta 530DT sells for $23,500 in Canada (check it out here in the CMG Buyer’s Guide). With the made-in-America Indian, you’re getting a bigger engine, and  it’s a V-twin, not a thumper, but that’s still a big price gap between these two factory flat trackers, and the Zaeta is street-legal to boot.

In case you’re wondering about Canadian availability or pricing, we haven’t heard anything; the bike hasn’t appeared on Indian’s Canadian website yet, but given flat track’s growing popularity in Ontario, we’d be surprised if we don’t see these machines going slideways here soon, as long as someone here can afford them.

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