The Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia is back

Semi-Canadian motorcycle author Mark Gardiner (an alleged Canuck, but he’s lived all over the world and is currently in the US) has a sequel to his Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia, and it’s ready just in time for Christmas.

If you’ve read Gardiner’s personal blog or his other published moto-pieces, you know he’s one of the top writers in the biz. So, his new book should be worth a look; after all, as he puts it: “The first one became Amazon’s #1 Motorsports title. (And we all know that #2 is even more satisfying!)

Gardiner has the Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia II for sale here, for $12.95 (US funds, we assume). In case you wondered, you can also buy the original book here. Go ahead, buy a copy. He might need the funds, if Donald Trump deports him. He’s got a deal here on signed volumes of his other books as well, if you can get them shipped to a US address.

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