Check out this Suzuki SV650 trail concept (and other cool designs)

When Suzuki released the updated SV650 at EICMA last fall, they also had a Scrambler version on display. They’ve teased it around the show circuit since, but nothing has come of it — except maybe inspiration.

One artist has put his own interpretation of a traillie version the SV650 on the DeviantArt website. Seen above, it’s an interesting design that mixes classic ’70s thumper styling (see: Yamaha XT500) with the SV650 platform. Nothing will likely ever come of the drawing, but it’s a cool idea that a company like Suzuki could certainly use right now, as their competitors milk the retro craze for all it’s worth.

The artist (going by the handle obiboi) has plenty of other cool concept drawings on the site as well. He’s got a couple other cool SV650 drawings, and a scramblerized BMW G310 (maybe this is what the rumoured ADV version of that platform will look like?).

18 thoughts on “Check out this Suzuki SV650 trail concept (and other cool designs)”

  1. Does anyone remember the Suzuki GR650 of the late 70s early 80s? That was a lovely bike to ride (my first taste of Full Floater suspension). A semi scrambler version of that would be nice (with improved metallurgy and reliability and oil tightness for the engine). But Oberdan sure can draw a nice sketch.

  2. Retro styling – check.
    Scrambler trim – check.
    Two cylinders – check.
    Liquid cooled – check.
    Fuel injected – check.
    What’s not to like?
    If you want a serious off-road bike, move along – nothing to see here.
    If you want a serious on-road bike – well, you could certainly do worse.
    If you want a multi-purpose bike for zipping around on back roads, gravel roads, mild trails, and urban streets – I’d say this one’s a solid choice.

    1. It seems like the in line twin will win out against the V twin. With offset firing order mimicking a v and also the use of offset crankshaft it seems the in line is the better design.

      1. I have no idea why the parallel twin gets such a bad rap. As you point out, it’s easy to mimic a V-twin, and can be shoehorned into a very compact package. Probably more cost-efficient as well, which is why we’re seeing more of them. And anyone who thinks they can’t be exciting clearly never rode hot Brit bikes back in the day (to clarify, I wasn’t around “back in the day,” but I do know the Limeys regularly spanked Harley’s V-twins, and even the ones from Europe at times …)

  3. I’d love to see the SV/Vstrom 650 engine used in a proper, modern off road ADV application…like a wee Africa Twin….or a light weight Honda Transalp…or a Twin cylinder Tenere. Call it a Vstrom XT put a 21 inch spoke rim on the front and proper long travel suspension, add some undercarriage protection, subtract kgs and call it a day. The standard Vstrom would then be free to use a 17 inch front and a more road oriented tires and suspension.

    1. Who wants an ancient bike that still uses a carburetor? It’s sad that Suzuki has not updated the DR650. I’m sure it’d be a much better bike with some modern updates. Also – the SV650 appears to produce almost twice the hp of the DR650.

  4. What V-Strom Ry said. It reminds me of an old TS250, but not sure how the v-twin powerplant will work out.

  5. Looks awesome, but I’m doubtful about the packaging of that engine in a frame like that. Looks like the top of the rear head would be right under the front of the seat, and the intake plumbing and airbox would use up pretty much all the space where that nice small gas tank is sitting.

    1. The sketch is by Oberdan Bezzi, a colleague and just plain nice guy but you are 100% right about the packaging. O’dan likes to take creative license when drawing, which is fine since he makes a living by promoting concept art.

      Principal layout is a b!!ch.

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