EICMA: 2016 Suzuki SV650 details

Show photos by Alexandra Straub.

Like we told you a few minutes ago, the Suzuki SV650 is back. Now, we’ve got a few more details on the new bike.

The press release did not mention anything about the scrambler version seen at the press release. It’s possible that machine was only a styling concept.

While the machine is based around the same basic engine as the original, it’s putting out 75 hp, not 64 hp, thanks to revised engine internals (60 new parts). The new motor also meets Euro4 emissions standards (a fact all the manufacturers seem very proud of this year).

The new SV650 is significantly slimmer than the previous model.
The new SV650 is significantly slimmer than the previous model.

The engine also features something called “Low RPM Assist,” which “helps rider in launching and running at lower rpm.” Suzuki claims the best-in-class fuel economy for the 600-800 cc on-road streetbike segment, at 3.84L/100 km.

It’s also lighter; the ABS version weighs in at 8 kg less than the previous SV650 (197 kg curb weight). The non-ABS version is 7 kg lighter than its previous counterpart (195 kg curb weight). The bodywork is also slimmer than the previous model, and the seat is lower at 785 mm, making it easier for beginner riders.

The bike has 41 mm conventional forks up front, with 125 mm stroke. The rear shock (with 7-way preload adjustability) has 63 mm of travel.

Up front, the SV650 has 290 mm dual disc brakes. ABS is available.

The SV650 will roll on Dunlop tires (120/70ZR17 front, 160/60ZR17 rear).


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  1. Exactly what I am looking for. Upright comfyness / Killer looks / Proper round headlight / Low seat height / More HP / A common sense bike that is my new next neked I think . I wonder what she will sell for $7999.00 ?

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