Indian will unveil new engine at Daytona Bike Week

Indian motorcycle daytona
For the last few years, Indian built big, bloated cruisers. Will the new engine unveiled at Daytona be the start of a new era for the classic American marque?

Ever since Polaris bought the Indian marque, they’ve been working on an all-new motorcycle, built around an all-new engine. And, they’ve been working very hard to get the public excited about the new machine.

Now, Polaris says they’re going to unveil the new motor at Daytona Bike Week. They’ve already released sound clips of the engine, and even teased it in a smartphone app (the app lets you “start” the motor and rev the throttle up).

Many V-twin fans have been hoping Polaris would revive some of Indian’s classic models, like the Scout, at a price point that will challenge Harley-Davidson – previous Indians built at the Kings Mountain factory weren’t known for affordability. Polaris’s bikes in their Victory lineup aren’t cheap either. But, we’ll likely have a better idea of the marque’s future after Daytona.

One thought on “Indian will unveil new engine at Daytona Bike Week”

  1. Before Indian of Gilroy went bust they were about to release a new motor. The folks at Kings Mountain simply built bikes based on the old existing motor. My guess is the “new” motor is the one from Gilroy days. Won’t be long to find out, though.

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