BMW Recall

The new 1200 GS has another recall.
The new 1200 GS has another recall.
The new 1200 GS has another recall.

Recall #: 2013060
Models Involved: 2013 BMW R1200GS
Number of Vehicles: 33
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) system may not reactivate following off-road use in the “Enduro-Pro” mode. As the ASC warning lamp is no longer illuminated, the rider may be unaware that the system is still currently deactivated, possibly causing a crash.
Correction:  Dealer will install updated ASC software.


  1. Yeah, they do seem to be overdoing the gizmos, which seems to be really inflating their prices. A couple years as I dismounted my KTM 950 Adventure in the hardware store parking lot was accosted by an obnoxious dingus who was planning on buying a 1200GS Adventure. After he finished regailing me with his unsolicited opinions and comparrisons between his preference and mine and the cost of the BMW I remarked,”Wow. for that price you could buy a new 990 KTM Adventure and a used 950 like mine both with luggage.”

    I’m sure the electronic gizmos (like ESA) are great when navigating the crappy roads in the GTA and less so when stuck in the middle of nowhere with a short, or a dead battery.

  2. Yup, I think we should go back to carbs and gravity feed fuel tanks and bias ply tires and … holy smokes batman that describes my entire motorcycle collection … except my brand new KTM 350 EXC … pray for me

    • Maybe BMW could just take the ACS System and all the other superfluous electronic gizmos and gadgets and file them in the nearest circular filing cabinet ?
      Just a Luddite’s opinion….

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