Fogi Racing to have wild card Moto 2 entry

FOGI Racing's Tommy Aquino will race as a wildcard entry at Indianapolis.

Andrew Murray’s FOGI Racing team will compete in MotoGP’s Moto 2 series as a wild card entry, they announced yesterday.

FOGI Racing, with American rider Tommy Aquino, has been competing in the Spanish Moto 2 series this summer, but they’re going to step up to the world championship series when it visits Indianapolis in August.Their Canadian-owned team has an international flair, but still maintains strong connections to home; business manager Andrew Murray is from Nova Scotia, and owns the Atlantic Roadracing League.

FOGI Racing and partner¬† FTR Chassis have helped other teams put together bikes for other riders in world championship events, but this is the first time they’ve fielded their own. Murray says his team is still looking for a team sponsor for the race.

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