Kove Moves Into ADV, MX Markets

The Kove MX250, with liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, is coming to Canada this year. PHOTO CREDIT: Kove

The Kove 450 Rally grabbed a lot of attention at its debut because it was something nobody else was making: A real rally raid race replica that just about anybody could afford. Well, they’re looking at breaking into two new markets, with machines coming to Canada in the next few months in the adventure bike and motocross markets.

Kove 800X ADV

This parallel twin-powered adventure bike is basically unknown in Western markets but it’s been displayed on the international show circuit over the past few months. It’s unclear exactly which engine is used, but Kove’s engines are usually based off a partner’s design and then modified for more performance.

Canada won’t get the new 800X until 2025, it appears. But some machines are already on the show circuit, and have been for months. PHOTO CREDIT: Kove

In this case, Kove says this bike can make 95 hp at 9,000 rpm and 59 lb-ft of torque at 7,500 rpm. For the sake of reference, that would be about on-par with the KTM 790 Adventure. Kove is claiming a dry weight around 184 kg, or 5 kg less than the 790. Sounds like a very bold claim, and if Kove can pull it off, they will grab a lot of attention in this market category.

We also know that some markets are getting this bike in three forms, aimed at various levels of performance and comfort. The main differences would be suspension and accessories, as far as we’ve seen, but very little confirmed information has come from other countries and we’ve seen absolutely zip about the Canadian plans.

KYB suspension comes standard. Fuel capacity will be 20 liters. ABS, traction control and a quickshifter are all available.

This bike is slated to come to Canada as a 2025 model. Stay tuned.

Kove MX250

From the world of ADV to the world of motocross. The MX250 is not intended to be a race-winning bike at the highest levels of motocross racing; it’s intended for enthusiasts who are laying down laps at their local track for fun. Kove’s reps compare it to a Suzuki RM-Z250, for whatever that is worth. It weighs 237 lb dry and has 37.5 rear-wheel horsepower. Or so Kove claims!

EFI is standard, with six-speed gearbox. The engine is a Zongshen product, but Kove tuned it with custom crank and con-rod, and lighter flywheel and stator. Compression raises to 14:1 thanks to an updated cylinder head and piston. The DOHC design gets trick cams and updated clutch with slimmer engine cases. In Kove’s words: “This engine is distinctly different from other Zongshen NC250/300 motors.”

This machine is supposed to be in Canada in 2024, but like the 800X, we’ve seen no price tag listed yet.


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