Indian FTR x 100% R Carbon: Lots Of Flash For Lots Of Money

Indian's latest collab model combines flashy paint themed with the 100% brand colors with the high-spec components of the FT-R-Carbon model. Credit: Indian

Indian Motorcycles hasn’t really brought out much in the way of bold new tech lately, but we do see a couple of re-worked models debuting this week. There’s a new Indian FTR x 100% R Carbon model, and a new Indian Challenger Elite.

Indian FTR x 100% R Carbon

This awkwardly-named model is a team-up between Indian and gear manufacturer 100%. It’s an FTR R Carbon model (as reviewed by Dustin last year—see here) but with added bling. Flashy paint, machined billet parts such as the radiator fill cap and the bar end weights. A blacked-out treatment for the fork and shock, and did we mention the flashy paint?

And because this is a co-branding deal, there is also a wide range of merch available that’s tied to the bike. Sweatshirts, hats, sunglasses—they’ll throw a pair of those shades in if you buy one of these bikes. Asking price is around $19k in the United States; we haven’t seen any details on pricing or availability in Canada, but we do know only 400 will be sold worldwide.

The Challenger Elite has plenty of muscle, lots of flashy trim, and a massive stereo… but it will cost you dearly. Credit: Indian

Indian Challenger Elite

Indian’s big-bore, big-buck bagger comes with Charcoal Candy paint, a flash stitched seat and a redesigned PowerBand Audio system with two 100-watt speakers in the fairing and another two in the saddlebags. Still the same 122-hp PowerPlus V-twin and the other mechanical and electrical bits are familiar as well. The bike has a 350-machine production run and a $50,149 price tag for 2024. More details here, if you think you can swing the payments…

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