Honda Overhauls The Africa Twin Lineup For 2024

While the Adventure Sports model is shifting more towards a road bias, both bikes are still being sold on their off-road capability. Credit: Honda

The rumours were correct—Honda was indeed planning to overhaul the Africa Twin lineup for 2024. We saw the new machines unveiled in Europe today, and while they look much the same, there are some key differences for next year.

While peak hp remains unchanged, the CRF1100L engine now makes more torque and has a revised DCT, if you want that option. Credit: Honda

Engine revisions

The CRF1100L engine doesn’t change capacity, but Honda updated the top end (including revised compression and a new intake system) and also retuned the ECU. As a result, the Africa Twin series makes more torque (83 lb-ft for 2024  models) and makes it at lower rpm (peak torque hits at 5,500 rpm now, not 6,250 rpm). Horsepower is unchanged—peak output is still in the 100 hp range.

The revised engine also sees the auto-shifting DCT gearbox getting yet another overhaul. Honda re-tunes this system as it gains more insight into riding patterns. Now, the Africa Twin models see the DCT shift lower in the rpm range, and there are other tweaks to make it work better while cornering and off-road.

For 2024, it appears DCT will be the only gearbox available for the Adventure Sports model.

New bodywork includes an adjustable windscreen. Credit: Honda

Touring-friendly changes

Both the Africa Twin and the Adventure Sports variant will get new bodywork, including a five-way adjustable windshield. The idea is to make the bikes more comfortable for hours in the saddle. Speaking of saddles, the Adventure Sports also gets a new seat for 2024, and there is a comfort and low saddle option for both models as an add-on.

A smaller front wheel and less suspension travel for the Adventure Sports model next year. Credit: Honda

Revised wheels

Both bikes get new wheels that are suitable for tubeless tires (and they come with tubeless tires this year as well). The Adventure Sports also gets a smaller front wheel, going from a 21-inch hoop to a 19-inch; the new rim is also wider, so it’s able to take a more street-friendly tire.

Suspension updates

That theme, of the Adventure Sports becoming a more street-friendly bike, continues with the suspension updates. For 2024, in some markets, the Adventure Sports model only comes with Showa EERA electronic suspension. Previously, it was only an option. The EERA suspension package is adjustable to match riding conditions and speed with the press of a button. Honda also took 20 mm out of the front and rear suspension travel, to better match this machine’s new road-going nature. Five modes are available to choose from: Mid, Hard, Soft, Off-Road and User-governed. This allows for easy and quick changes to your suspension (within milliseconds), and of course User mode is particularly useful for riders who want to tweak their setup.

There’s no word on Honda’s Canadian website regarding the 2024 models. Stay tuned! Credit: Honda

It remains to be seen whether the Canadian edition still has the manual-adjust suspension option for 2024. Again, we’re waiting on pricing and availability details.

As for the standard Africa Twin model—along with the same manual-adjust suspension as the previous bike, it now gets the Showa EERA suspension as an option.


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