Kawasaki Celebrates 50 Years Of The KX Lineup With Special-Edition KX250 And KX450

Rad graphics for a 50th-anniversary bike! Credit: Kawasaki

It’s been five decades of the KX lineup for Kawasaki. That is 50 years of motocross tracks around the world, including lots of BRAAAAAPPPPING around Canada. As such, we have special-edition versions of both the KX250 and KX450 motocrossers. A pretty limited run, though, so if you want one, better get to your local dealer quick!

Press release


Toronto, ON – 2023 marks five decades of the Kawasaki KX brand name. The two letters – that stand for Kawasaki Ultimate Motocrosser – were used for the first time in 1973 and adorned the side covers of the new KX125 and KX250.

These original KX models were the result of a decade of development and competition, combined with the hard work of a cutting-edge, dedicated team of engineers with a special focus on the development of road and off-road race bikes. 50 years and multiple industry-stirring innovations and milestones later, the Kawasaki KX line is as strong and competitive as ever. To highlight this special chapter in our history, we are happy to introduce two celebratory models: the 2024 KX250 and KX450 50th Anniversary Edition.

Rocking bold pink and blue neon logos, a blue Kawasaki seat, white number plate graphics, and a Uni- Trak-branded swingarm, the design of these two special models is an homage to the wildly popular 1990 KX250.

Only 50 units of each will be available in Canada. Pricing for the 2024 KX250 50th Anniversary starts at $10,749 and, for the 2024 KX450 50th Anniversary, at $12,249. Learn more on Kawasaki.ca.


    • I bought a really ratty one for $1200, dumped roughly $800 on it on basics (rebuilt suspension linkage, front forks, a few odds and ends) and sold it for $2500. It was still ratty, but mechanically sound.

      The next time, I’ll bite the bullet and get a nice one for $3500-$4000. Expensive, but cheaper than turning a ratty one into a nice one.

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