Canada’s World Supercross Race Weekend Is Canceled

Photo: World Supercross

Canada will not get a World Supercross race in 2023, although the organizers say they plan to visit this country in the future, and it’s not the only round canceled.

Along with the Canadian race, the World Supercross series races in Germany and Singapore will also be canceled in 2023, leaving only two races to go this year—a race in Abu Dhabi and the season-ender in Australia, both set to run in November.

According to Adam Bailey, the CEO of SX Global (the company behind the series), says that despite the shortened season in 2023, Canada is still in the plans for the future. Bailey said Canada is an important growth market for the series, along with Germany and Singapore both. However, he said that organizers did not feel they could put together a good race in those venues this year

“We want to do everything to the highest standard, and to ensure that every WSX experience is a fantastic and memorable one. In keeping with this mantra, the new ownership group decided these calendar revisions were required at this time,” said Bailey. “The recency of the ownership change has created logistical challenges that are difficult to overcome in a matter of weeks. Therefore, we’ll instead refocus to make sure that the 2023 Abu Dhabi and Melbourne WSX events are executed to the best possible level, and to continue the important progress of building the championship for 2024 and beyond.”

The World Supercross series has been facing an uphill battle since its start, especially since it faces competition from the new SuperMotocross series. Also, Canada has almost no track record with world-level moto racing over the past decade anyway—although with new leadership at the CMA, that will hopefully change in the months to come.


  1. I don’t believe they had any intention to come to Canada. They needed the location to legitimize their cause. These guys are shady at best,

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