New BMW Adventure Bike Coming Later This Week!

Check it out—BMW is planning to launch an adventure bike later this week, although at this point, details are very limited.

The YouTube link below is not live yet, but as you can see, all shall be revealed on Thursday, September 7.

So what can we expect? Consider the following:

  • BMW has already promised us an R1300 GS to be revealed on September 28.
  • BMW has an F850 GS in the lineup, and an F900 platform, but no F900 GS, even though it’s basically the same engine.
  • We have not heard of any impending upgrades to the G310 series
  • We have also heard no rumours of a new single-cylinder lineup to replace the old 650 thumpers, and there has been no talk of an all-new twin-cylinder platform.

With all that in mind, we would suggest that the machine most likely to appear on Thursday is an F900 GS, with the same engine as the other big-bore parallel twins (the F700 GS may become the F800, or it may stay as the F700).

This would be an easy upgrade for BMW, as it already has the engine developed. It’s puzzling that we didn’t see this happen months or years ago. Why BMW has persisted in selling the 95-horsepower 850 engine GS, when it has the 105-horsepower F900 engines waiting on the shelf, is a mystery indeed.

Whatever the story, we’ll know more later this week. But if it is a new F900, then we could see a very interesting new year shaping up in the ADV bike scene, with Honda’s new Transalp continuing its spread around the globe, along with talk of a new Africa Twin. KTM is allegedly about to introduce a new 690 series and a new 1390cc V-twin platform. Moto Guzzi has all but officially confirmed its reintroduction of the Stelvio, and the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is also all but confirmed. And sometime, sooner or later, Harley-Davidson is supposed to announce a Pan America 975…


  1. Give me something between the F310 and the F700/800. A 500cc parallel twin? I’m looking at something in the KLR650 price range.

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