Kramer GP2-890RR: Built For Racing

Credit: Benny Katzmir/Kimon Maritz/Kramer

It’s been a while since we checked in with Euro racebike manufacturer Kramer, so let’s see what they’re up to. Annnnnd the answer to that question is: We now see the new Kramer GP2-890RR hitting the market, refining KTM engine technology into a new high-tech chassis.

Parallel twin evolution

The basis of this bike is the KTM 890 parallel twin engine, but Kramer has hot-rodded it for its use in this machine. Stock, that engine (borrowed from KTM’s RC8c) makes about 133 hp. In the Kramer, thanks to lighter engine internals and revised software, it’s boosted to 138 hp at 10,100 rpm, with 74 lb-ft of torque at 8,2000 rpm. Redline moves up to 11,500 rpm.

The internal changes include titanium con rods and intake/exhaust valves, and high-compression pistons, all sourced from Pankl. There’s also a more aggressive cam, and intake and exhaust systems have been reworked to boost power.

Spartan aesthetics, but the cockpit contains hardware that can work with you on-track or off to improve your speed. Credit: Benny Katzmir/Kimon Maritz/Kramer

Electrical engineering

Of course, all that horsepower must be managed by modern electronics. In the case of the GP2-890RR, there’s a new Mectronic ECU with six-axis IMU that controls anti-wheelie and traction control. The Mectronic system has a wide-band 02 sensor that allows the system to adjust fuel mapping in real-time based on exhaust gas measurements, and because it is an open system, Kramer owners can either reflash the system with their own settings or use updates from the factory. Kramer says it will support its buyers with free software and other electro-updates in the years to come.

As for the dash itself, it’s a AiM MXS 1.3 unit, which integrates with a TFT display to give riders the in-flight info they need, while also serving as a data logger that saves details from rides, including GPS data. This info can then be viewed in Race Studio software, to help riders get faster based on analysis of their telematics.

Credit: Benny Katzmir/Kimon Maritz/Kramer

Chassis design

The frame itself is a chrome-moly steel trellis arrangement, built for lightweight racing performance. Combined with forged aluminum Dymag wheels, WP Apex Pro suspension and Brembo Stylema brake calipers, Kramer got the bike’s weight down to 142 kilos, ready to race. Along with the severe diet, Kramer also configured the bike’s weight distribution for track duty, and oriented the 16-liter plastic fuel cell so that even as fuel level drops through a race, the weight distribution is still optimal.

Of course, that suspension is fully adjustable (the shock has high-speed and low-speed adjustability, to go with preload, rebound and ride height adjustment). Kramer has already been testing its new linkage design in British Superbike competition, and says the GP2’s suspension is tuned specifically to match this machine and its power profile—it’s not a plug-and-play transplant from the WP factory.

The fairing is designed to boost engine output via ram air effect, and comes in a black paint scheme for Europe. Another blue paint scheme is available for the US. And speaking of US sales…

Buy it for the track, not the street

Jensen Beeler (who a lot of readers will remember as the head honcho over at Asphalt & Rubber for years—he’s now Kramer’s chief marketeer) says the new GP2-890RR is “a no-compromises race bike” that shows what you can do if you focus a bike solely on track performance. And that’s what it is, just a track bike, with no GP2-890RR sold for street use.

Production starts in September; only 125 units will be sold worldwide. US customers get a $39,995 USD price tag, but we have not seen a number in Canada. Chances are, it would be tricky and expensive to get one into Canuckistan from the US or Europe, but not impossible, since these are track-only machines.


  1. Is that HP number at the crank or rear wheel?
    $40 grand US!? Makes the GSX-750R look like a screaming deal! My working class view from “Canuckistan”.

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