Harley-Davidson’s New H-D Membership Program: Make Friends, Find Deals, Hear Stories

The H-D Membership program can help connect riders for meet-ups like this, and allow them to share stories of their rides. Credit: Harley-Davidson

“Members only!” Harley-Davidson’s H-D app is now exclusively for participants of the H-D Membership program, as the Motor Company tries to bring its online presence in-house.

The new H-D Membership plan is a combination of a sort of saver’s club (Harley-Davidson will send you deals, if you’re a member); a fan club (members get online entertainment content funneled to them from the MoCo as well); and a social media forum (riders can create a profile, share photos and meet other riders through this platform). Obviously, it’s very much tied to the H-D app, although Harley-Davidson wants that online activity to convert into dollars-and-cents spent on gear and bikes, and in-person meet-ups between riders.

There’s no cost to joining the app (although it appears there will be options for paid subscriptions inside the program), and non-riders are welcome, as Harley-Davidson obviously wants to sell them stuff too!

H-D Membership is an industry-leading community platform and membership program that will bring together riders and moto-culture fans under the United We Ride banner to connect, engage and ride with one another,” says the press release. “H-D Membership will allow riders and fans to enjoy a personalized experience of in-app social features, riding benefits and access to the Harley-Davidson brand like never before. H-D Membership is a new and positive hub for moto-culture – serving as inspiration to riders and non-riders alike.

Jochen Zeitz, Harley-Davidson’s CEO, said “Our community is at the heart of everything we do – building on the success of the Harley Owners Group, H-D Membership will enhance the way in which we engage with our members, leveraging modern tools to connect riders, deliver new benefits and create new experiences.”

In other words, this isn’t replacing HOG, but it does fill a similar function, connecting riders and offering them discounts and deals. As per the press release:

Members who look to further enhance their H-D experience and benefit package may elect to add the Access Pass, for riders and non-riders, with exclusive access to key brand events and content as well as benefits such as enhanced rewards and partner benefits. Another option is the Rider Pass which includes tools, content, and benefits such as roadside assistance, motorcycle service benefits and partner benefits to enhance the riding experience.

While it’s going to be tailored to the end user, so riders theoretically see the stories they want and get the deals that suit their budget and bike, Harley-Davidson should also benefit greatly from all the data collected. The MoCo’s marketing program is a strong and mighty force! And no doubt the rest of the industry will follow along, as all brands are quite keen on taking control of their own online presence.

At this point, H-D Membership is only for US riders, but we do expect Canadians to get their own option soon.

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