Harley-Davidson Restarts Pennsylvania Production On A Limited Basis

Good news, if you're hoping to buy a new CVO Road Glide! Harley-Davidson says production will not be hindered by the latest Pennsylvania plant slow-down. Credit: Harley-Davidson

Earlier this week, we told you about Harley-Davidson’s shutdown at its plant in York, Pennsylvania. Now, we have more news on that situation. The pause in production is over, but Harley-Davidson says that the factory will only be running limited production for a while yet.

Oddly enough, the problem all goes back to a problem with a brake hose supplied by a third party, echoing 2022’s production pause which was also caused by a third-party brake hose. In that case, Harley-Davidson said the issue was that the brake hose didn’t meet regulatory compliance. Now, Harley-Davidson says the issue arose because the part in question did not meet quality standards. As per the press release:

Harley-Davidson, Inc. (“Harley-Davidson” or the “Company”) (NYSE:HOG) was recently notified of a potential quality issue relating to brake hose assemblies provided by a tier-2 supplier, Proterial Cable America (“PCA”), a portfolio company of Bain Capital, to the Company’s tier-1 brake system suppliers.

If you worried this might mean you won’t be able to buy one of the recently-launched CVO Road Glide or CVO Street Glide models, fret not. Harley-Davidson says those models are not affected by this production pause.

Harley-Davidson also says it doesn’t think this pause in production will last for very long. According to H-D, they expect the Pennsylvania factory to be running full-tilt again by June 26, and they do not expect any international orders to be delayed because of this hiccup. Does that mean no longer waits for Canadian customers to get their bikes? Hopefully!


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