Next Great Middleweight? Honda CB750 Hornet Accessories Hit The Market

Photo: Honda

We’re still waiting on confirmation for the Canadian market, but if and when the Honda CB750 Hornet gets here, it may become the next great middleweight—not just because of its healthy spec sheet, but also because the aftermarket is already gearing up in a big way to support this new model.

A quick recap

The Honda CB750 Hornet debuted at the INTERMOT show in 2022, after months of teasing. You can read our coverage of the machine here, but this article from the show tells us what to expect: A compact liquid-cooled 270-degree parallel twin engine making 90.5 hp at 9,500 rpm, and 55.4 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 rpm—numbers that are very similar to the four-cylinder CB650/CBR650 series that Honda relied on through the 2010s.

This replaces those bikes, but the new Hornet is also very similar to the old CBF series, which is unsurprising since it shares the Hornet name. But unlike those stripped-down bikes, the new Hornet has modern touches such as throttle-by-wire, which enabled Honda to plug in three riding modes. Sport mode and Rain mode do what you’d expect (offering max performance or tuned-down for slick conditions). There’s also a User mode, which allows the rider to plug in their own desired settings, tweaking the acceleration performance, anti-wheelie interference, engine torque control and traction control.

Unfortunately, nobody at Honda has told us the Hornet is coming here anytime soon, or even the US market.

The aftermarket gears up

But despite that, Honda will have no problem making boatloads of money off the Hornet, thanks to sales in Europe and Asia! And as a result, we see the aftermarket already selling a lot of parts for this bike.

Evotech has a bunch of protective bits for sale (rad guards, crash bars, etc.). SW-Motech has launched a new line of Hornet parts, including its own line of crash bars as well as luggage options. Hepco & Becker also has a new line of parts for the bike—again, luggage and crash bars.

Honda itself announced a very wide range of accessories for the Hornet upon its launch, as you can see in the title image.

Add it all up, and it seems we will see many riders turning this bike into a tourer, a hoonmobile, whatever they want! Just like the original Hornet. And hopefully, we’ll see it here in Canuckistan in coming months, as it would be good to see something all-new from a manufacturer, not just a recycled design from 10 years ago.


  1. When I ask when this bike is coming to Canada and Honda employees at motorcycle shows say Honda is testing the market by releasing the bike elsewhere, I tell them I am test riding other manufacturers motorcycles. Bring the Honda Hornet 750 to Canada already!

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