Hey, GTA Riders! On Jan 26, Find Out About Brokentooth’s Ice Road Adventures!

Brokentooth rode this track kit-equipped CCM GP450 to Churchill, Manitoba in mid-winter to deliver sled dog food... and they didn't even give him a lousy T-shirt. But he did bring home a puppy! Credit: Oliver Solaro

Winter may be here in all its frosty, traction-reducing misery, but that doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about motorcycles. If you’re filmmaker/adventurer Oliver Solaro, aka Brokentoof, it doesn’t even mean you should stop riding! And if you’re in the GTA, you can catch up with Solaro as he does a presentation about his ice road adventures on January 26.

CMG readers might remember we’ve talked to Solaro about the joys of winter riding before (see this 2017 interview for starters). While the rest of us are hunkered down by the fireplace, swilling hot chocolate and whining about the snow, Solaro explores the ice roads, having all sorts of grand adventures on his bike.

COVID-19 did slow down his fun for a while, but he’s working on a new project now (involving a BMW 850 and a track kit, far as we can see on social media), and you might get a chance to ask him about it at his presentation.

The show runs at CineCycle, which is in the old coach house behind 129 Spadina Avenue. The presentation is organized by the Toronto Film Festival, and we don’t know a whole lot about what Solaro will be talking about. The page tells us: “Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from and interact with a true ice-road biking adventurer. Get behind-the-scenes commentary on his films and learn about his personal stories of survival in extreme conditions.”

All we can say is, we’re pretty sure Solaro will be sporting a tactical kilt, as per usual, and sharing a lot of wild stories of frozen adventures up north. Get your tickets here.

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