After Toronto, TMFF Now Turns To Calgary, Montreal

Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival
Credit: TMFF

The 2022 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is in the books, with winners announced for all categories. Now, the festival is ready to hit the road, with upcoming stops in Calgary and then Montreal.

First, a list of this year’s winners:

Best Feature Film/People’s Choice Speed Is Expensive (Director: David Lancaster)

Judges selected this 78-minute feature about Philip Vincent and his highly prized machines as the best feature this year. Itt also won the People’s Choice award, so it’s a double winner! Ewan McGregor narrates this film, and it even includes vintage footage shot by Vincent himself.

Best Short Narrative Oskar (Director: Max Vannienschoot)

An animated tribute to the director’s friend, who took his own life. This was also the best Canadian film at this year’s festival, as it was the only Canadian film that played this year. What’s the matter with all you hosers? Get to work, submit to the TMFF!

Best Short Documentary Sfumato (Director: Amirali Mirderikvand)

This short doc details the setbacks and struggles of the life of a female Iranian motorcyclist, in a culture and political climate that makes it near-impossible for her to ride.

Festival director Caius Tenche says attendance was close to pre-pandemic levels, although the Thanksgiving holiday resulted in a bit of a drop for Saturday night’s films. He was happy to be back showing films in-person, and he believes everyone else was too:

“From the energy, I can tell that people were also happy to be back for in-person events,” he says. “The opening night party (at the Birch Contemporary–Ed.) was also a blast and quite full. I don’t think we could have fit any more people into the gallery.”

This year, the films were not streamed online, as they had been during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Tenche says they’ll be available online in the days to come: “With theatres and festival events operating again, filmmakers want to have their films on the festival circuit first before they allow them to be released digitally. Our plan is to make as much of this year’s films available online as we can, but it will be after the TMFF Tour is completed—likely early next year.”

What’s next?

Now, the TMFF hits the road. The next stop is in Calgary, where Ill-Fated Kustoms has sponsored an October 13-14 visit to the Plaza Theatre. There, organizers will show a pared-down set of films. Find showtimes and tickets (they’re very reasonably priced—$25 for an all-event pass!) here. Note the films themselves are all showing on October 13, with the 14th an after-party at Ill-Fated Kustoms, with live music and special guests, and there’s no charge for that.

In Montreal, films will screen at Cinéma Moderne on both November 4 and 5. There are more films screening at the Montreal stop than at the Calgary event, and tickets will cost you a bit more as a result. C’est la vie, mon ami!


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