New GasGas TXT trials machines for 2023!

Photo: GasGas

GasGas is expanding quickly these days, with a new 700cc dual sport bike coming soon to Canada (at least that’s what we hope—it’s already on the market in Europe), along with several other new machine that are based on existing KTM designs. But what about the trials lineup, the machines that GasGas really was known for, before Pierer AG brought it into the KTM family.

Between the TXT Racing and TXT GP series, there are four updated GasGas trials bikes for 2023, but they’re not terribly different from the previous machines. They’re still made in the GasGas factory in Spain—production has not moved to Austria. Given the reaction from GasGas employees when buyouts were proposed in the past, no doubt this arrangement was part of the deal.

2023 Updates

There’s a new red-powdercoated chromoly frame for 2023, with the bike’s headstock bolted directly to the motor’s head. While everyone expected electronic fuel injection and four-stroke engines across the line, we instead see a 28mm Keihin PWK carburetor with Hidria ECU as standard, and GasGas sticks with two-strokes for now. The two-stroke top ends now get swappable inserts that allow the user to tune their power delivery. Who needs electronic engine mapping? Not GasGas, apparently.

The TXT Racing models now get a shorter-travel fork, same as the TXT GP Models. There’s a re-designed (tougher) clutch cover, a new one-piece fender/seat combo that’s made of super-bendy plastic for longer life, the kickstarter is redesigned for easier starting—the Racing and GP lines both see a long list of little changes that don’t make for massive headlines, but should result in a much different-feeling machine. See the whole list of changes here.

Currently, the GasGas trials lineup has the TXT Racing 125, Racing 250, Racing 280 and Racing 300 models, but those might be Euro-only. It seems that only the TXT GP and TXT Racing 300 and 250 models are confirmed for Canada right now. But, it seems as if KTM is verryyyyyy slowly bringing the overhauled GasGas line into North America, so maybe we’ll see the whole series a few months down the road.

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