Coming to a city near you: Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival hits the road!

The TMFF expands beyond Toronto, and even beyond the limits of streaming for 2022. Photo: TMFF

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is expanding beyond the borders of Hogtown—and it’s doing this in-person.

The TMFF is in its sixth year, this fall. For the first few years, the Festival ran only out of the Revue Cinema in Toronto. COVID-19 changed that, with an online option for 2020 and limited in-person segment at the Revue for 2021, combined with online viewing.

While online viewing came with its advantages (viewers could tune in from anywhere in the world for most of the films over the past two years), it did lack some of the spirit that came from a collective viewing in a theater. So, that left a growing film fest fanbase around Canada with no way to watch the shorts and features in-person, unless they traveled to Toronto and snagged one of the limited tickets.

Now, that’s changing. Festival organizers are taking the TMFF on the road this fall, to Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. There will be in-person viewings at each of these cities; they’re still working out dates, but it appears all these showings will come after the Revue showings on October 6-8.

Of course, there are other details to be finalized as well, such as the all-important “What films are screening this season?”. Expect those details in August; you can also expect a one-off film night on August 13 at CSBK’s Mosport visit. If you’re at the track that night, the TMFF will be screening a film or films, so all the more reason to show up for the fun.

The presser below doesn’t have many more details, but, stay tuned—we’ll share more important info as we get it.

Press release

6th Annual TMFF + Tour

We’re bringing TMFF across Canada.

Since 2017, TMFF has celebrated the intersection of motorcycles, film and the arts. Sharing the films and excitement of our annual Festival with other cities is something that we’ve wanted to do for some time. But then the world shut down. Well, no more. We need to make some moves. We need to get the good vibes flowing again. So here we come!

Following the annual Festival in Toronto, we are bringing the TMFF experience across Canada with this year’s award-winning films and audience favourites from our catalog.

Toronto, TMFF 2022

October 6–8, Revue Cinema

Presented by Pfaff Harley-Davidson


October 12–13, The Plaza Theatre

Presented by Ill-Fated Kustoms


November 4–5, Cinema Moderne


To be announced, Rio Theatre

Presented by Trev Deeley Motorcycles

The full event schedule, film guide and ticketing information will be announced in August.

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