The Royal Enfield Scram 411: Groovy utilitarianism

Photo: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has followed up on months of teasing and spy shots and finally revealed the new Scram 411 in India.

Just as we all expected, this bike is basically the same thing as the Himalayan adventure bike, but with a dash of retro flair mixed in with all that utilitarianism. The Scram 411 name tips the bike’s purpose: It’s a scrambler, really, with 19-inch front wheel matching a 17-inch rear to offer a lower ride than your standard ADV machine. The seat is re-designed from the Himalayan’s perch, intended for a retro look and lower seat height (around 795 mm). There’s a bit less suspension travel up front, and that’s also partly responsible for the lower seat height.

The frame is the same steel unit from the Himalayan, and the motor is also lifted from the Himalayan. It has an oil cooler, and it’s fuel-injected. Max output should be just over 24 hp at 6,500 rpm, and around 23 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. Although it’s a 400-class engine, it’s very much in the ballpark of an older 250; a modern Japanese 300-class dual sport makes more horsepower, and close to the same torque.

However, the Himalayan wasn’t about high-speed touring; it was aimed at understressed reliability for long-distance travel. The Scram 411 isn’t intended to be a screaming speedster either. Watching Royal Enfield’s marketing, it’s obvious the bike is aimed groovy fun around town, not performance. Like Royal Enfield’s other models, the Scram 411 comes with considerable choice in the paint department, too. Although you could pick a sensible colour and use this bike in much the same role as the Himalayan (many of the utilitarian accessories in the catalog should fit), you can also go all-out on a wild paint job and pose down at the beach, or Starbucks, or wherever the cool kids are hanging out these days.

Royal Enfield has not given us a Canadian arrival date for the Scram 411, or pricing, but we’re sure it will get here eventually, at a price close to whatever the MSRP is on the Himalayan at that point.

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