The Moment Collectors: New book from Sam Manicom!

Sam Manicom, one of the world’s best-known English-speaking adventure travel authors, has just had his latest book published. It’s called The Moment Collectors, and this one is a bit different from Manicom’s usual work.

Along with his writing for moto-mags, Sam’s put out a series of books detailing his adventures around the world by airhead BMW (see the lineup here). He’s one of the few international authors who’s actually spent some time riding through Canada, and written about it.

His new book, The Moment Collectors, is an anthology of 20 riders’ tales of the road, including a foreword by Lois Pryce. The rest of the author list is filled with well-known names from the overland travel scene, with writers from seven different countries contributing.

Here’s what Amazon’s blurb says about the new book:

In a celebration of motorcycle overlanding, twenty authors share the surprises and all the natural drama of travel; the fun, the laughter, the high points and the lows, the challenges and the outcomes. Woven into these tales you’ll discover a moment from each author where the reason they are out there living their dreams, suddenly and wonderfully comes to life.

Travel with them to the big sky plains of Mongolia, African Deserts, the majesty of Pamir Highway, the far reaches of Alaska, the breath-taking drama of Andean backroads and the rugged Trans-Labrador Highway. Delve into the intriguing world of the Sinai, meet surfers in Mexico and be hosted by Iron Angels in Russia. Meet Slavic the jaw-dropping Polish streaker, hike a turquoise glacier in Argentina, stay in a love motel, ride the top of the world with Golden Eagles, and much more.

Along with over 70 illustrations and 20 photographs The Moment Collectors brings the magic of long distance motorcycle travel vividly to life.

This book of international travel retains the clear identity of each contributor. From seven countries, be they published authors of books, magazine articles, blogs, or first-time writers, their styles, spelling, slang and the quirks of their nationalities are alive within the chapters. Several ride two up, some ride in pairs and there are solo riders too. Some are hugely experienced globe-riders, and others are relatively new to wandering and exploring on two wheels. This is how things are on the open road—the full mix.

So, you’re getting a wide variety, of hardened travelers to noobs and everything in between (and, did you note that there’s a shout-out to the Trans Labrador Highway? Good to see Canada making an appearance …).

Pricing at Amazon is $9.99 for the Kindle edition, $25.44 for the new paperback, or $36.44 for a used paperback (what a deal!). If you don’t want to deal with Amazon, search around online and you can find other sellers, and even Sam himself has the book for sale through his website. Sweet-talk him, he should ship it to Canada for you. Spring’s not here, even though winter is definitely fading away across the Great White North, and this book could be just the thing to get you through the next few weeks and inspire you for a year of adventure in 2022.

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